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Financial Times

Review: The Beauty in Solid Technique: A Celebration of Louise Nadeau, June 10, 2009 [PDF]

Review: Whim W'Him, January 19, 2010 [PDF]

Review: 3 by Dove, March 22, 2010 [PDF]

Review: Twyla Tharp Premiere, September 30, 2013 [PDF]

Review: Kaori Nakamura’s Final Performances, June 12, 2014 [PDF]

Book Publishers NorthWest

Typesetting: Who Needs It? [LINK]

IEEE Engineering Management Review

Mining for Management Ideas in Unexpected Places: Ballet [PDF]

Pointe Magazine

Dancer Spotlight: Double Duty: PNB's Dynamic Kiyon Gaines Is Also an Emerging Choreographer, October 2009 [LINK]

Dancer Spotlight: Home-Grown Charmer: OBT's Grace Shibley Makes it Look Natural, December 2009 [LINK]

The Standouts 2009: Jonathan Porretta, December 2009 [LINK]

In the Wings: Jenna Nelson, April 2010 [LINK]

How It's Done: Feisty Finesse: PNB's Lesley Rausch Gets Into Character for Coppelia, October 2010 [LINK]

The Standouts 2010: Lucien Postlewaite, December 2010 [LINK]

Moving Beyond "No Pain, No Gain" (with Nancy Wozny), February 2011 [LINK]

Too Fat? Too Thin? Too Tall? Too Short? (1 of 6 short interviews, interviewed Peter Boal), April 2011 [LINK]

Seizing Her Moment: PNB's Powerhouse Soloist Lindsi Dec Keeps Exploring as an Artist, October 2011, cover article [LINK]

Best of the Best 2011: Pacific Northwest Ballet's Giselle, December 2011 [LINK]

Dance International Magazine

Review: Benjamin Millepied's 3 Movements at PNB, Spring 2009

Lessons from Legends: Violette Verdi and Mimi Paul Coach PNB Dancers in Balanchine's Masterpiece Emeralds, Summer 2009

Jonathan Porretta: A Showman Finds the Artist Within, Fall 2009 (online)[LINK]

Review: Christopher Stowell's Rite of Spring at OBT, Summer 2009

Review: Val Caniparoli's The Seasons at PNB, Spring 2010

Review: Whim W'Him's Debut, Summer 2010

Cover Article: on Kaori Nakamura, Winter 2013

Feature Article: on Carla Korbes, Fall 2013

Dance Magazine

On the Rise: Laura Gilbreath, October 2010 [LINK]

Strictly Seattle Gives a Workout for Body and Mind, January 2011 [LINK]

On the Rise: Margaret Mullin, August 2011 [LINK]

25 to Watch: Price Suddarth, January 2012 [LINK]

Technique My Way: Maria Chapman, August 2012 [LINK]

After Preview of Gibson's "Mozart Pieces," PNB's Men Hold Court, 11 Mar 2013 [LINK]

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, "World-Class" & Dance in Seattle, 18 Nov 2012 [LINK]

1 Night, 9 Dances at PNB's Season Encore on June 10, 01 Jun 2012 [LINK]

PNB's Season Encore a Momentous Farewell to Eight Dancers, 14 Jun 2011 [LINK]

A Preview of PNB's Season Encore, This Sunday Only, 06 Jun 2011 [LINK]

City Arts

Dance Calendar (7 months: January-July 2010)

In Store: Curio Commons, March 2010

Calendar Spotlight, June 2010

Cornish Magazine

Listen for It: Dance, Dance, Evolution - The Legacy of Dance Department Chair Kitty Daniels, May 2015 [PDF]

2009-2010: 150+ blog posts (some short, some reprinting of press releases) [LINK]

European Weekly

2007-2009 (volunteer): Ballet reviews and interviews

The Stranger

9/28/05 and 11/10/05: Short calendar reviews of Pacific Northwest Ballet performances


2007 (freelance): Tribute for AIA publication (ghostwriting)

Glass Art Society (2010-2012)

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Email blasts

Conference-related copy and company policies for conference brochure, program book, and GASnews

Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra (volunteer, 2002-2005)

Press releases and PR plan

Copy for programs and flyers

Seattle Opera Publications (June 2001-October 2007)

Article: Gertie Sprenger: Putting Young Artists on the Program [LINK]

Article: Dean's Rheingold Adaptation Moves on to the Next Stage

Several research-based sidebars

Emergency press releases in the absence of our PR director

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